Adium equals Crazy, CoCa blows my mind–again.

Posted by daniel.j.gallagher on October 09, 2007
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Item the first: Qwantz.com theme for the Mac OS X chat client Adium. Mel: I was referring to an episode of XKCD I thought you’d appreciate. I’m pretty sure it was Pix Plz, although it may as well have been 28-hour day.

Item the second is Coheed and Cambria, incidentally slated to release a new record on 10/23. I was listening to the Good Apollo CD today in the car, and after losing the beat on the title track for the umpteen-millionth time I figured out what it is they’re doing. It reminds me a little of that crazy jazz piece I helped Tesch perform in the spring, but the irregularity is subtler and simpler. Into the basic 8/8 time signature of the verse, they sneak a 9/8 at regular intervals, masked by a sudden switch in emphasis from the downbeat to the upbeat. Your mind doesn’t register this, and gets ahead for the next three measures. The more attention you pay to this, the more you can feel yourself slipping from on-beat to syncopated. The result is an aesthetically appropriate, but aurally confusing, extra beat of windup before each chorus.

That’s right kids, even in the modern rock scene you do occasionally find technically nuanced composition.

Hearts and Minds

Posted by daniel.j.gallagher on July 23, 2007
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If there’s something people want, a certain percentage of them are just going to take it. Fifteen percent of the populace will never steal. Fifteen percent will steal most anything not nailed down. The battle is for the hearts and minds of the remaining seventy percent.

–Bruce Sterling, “The Hacker Crackdown”

Great Moments in Instant Messaging, vol. 1 no. 1

Posted by daniel.j.gallagher on August 26, 2006
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This didn’t quite fit roundly in the existing categories, though it’s sort of a Yours Truly issue, sort of just a ha-ha-only-serious aphorism. So, I’ve opted to install a quoteboard section for such silly little things. Anyway, it’s on the subject of coming clean to one’s crush:

Me: like getting up the nerve to hit myself in the mouth with a wrench
Amused confidante: yeah.
Me: you know it’s not going to be pretty, but the ache has gone on for too long and that fucker’s gotta come out

On a loosely related note, I am getting seriously miffed about my upload rate on Time Warner (not to mention the inconstancy of data flow in both directions). Up-rate’s not something the average person gets concerned with very frequently, but when you’re uploading 256Kb jpeg files via SSH and even unencrypted blog posts on a frequent enough basis, at some point you just want to stab your eyes out. To think that if I were working in Denmark or the UK, I could have seeded multiple ogg or mp3 torrents in the time it just took WordPress’s post editor page to reload. And this file can’t be much over 2 kilobytes. If the broadband industry wants to convince net neutrality watchdogs of their good intent, they could start by catching us up with the EU ratewise. I couldn’t stand to be any more throttled than I already am at present.