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I Would Draw Your Attention to Exhibit A…

Posted by daniel.j.gallagher on April 30, 2007
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Behold, the reskinned prototype of my final project for Drawing I at Wellesley. I’m still working on adding geographical annotations and portfolio sketches, but the look-and-feel generally are in place, reflecting many hours of hacking with the GMaps API docs open in one window and a JavaScript reference in the other.

On that note, a quick plug. Most of you who care already know this, but Google Maps is the dank shit :-) The “many hours” I spent are still puny compared to the time it usually takes to get anything meaningful done in the abomination that is JavaScript. I swear the guy who wrote their API must be *made* of caffeine, must be confined to a glass container where it’s pumped right into the atmosphere, giving him the kind of linear prescience needed to avert an intractable quantity of potential crashes (Herbert fans: yeah, I so went there).

Addendum: so apparently the sweet ass-alpha blending breaks in IE. I’ll fix it one of these days, but again, people who care about things like alpha blending likely already know IE is the suck and Firefox 2 is the win. Or Opera 9, I’m down with that too. Any Opera/Safari users care to tell me if the transparency works for you?


Posted by daniel.j.gallagher on April 27, 2007
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I don’t always think to say this but, SCOPE teammates, you are awesome.

Yesterday I was despondent. After staying up all night working on our IEEE presentation and going to Wellesley in the morning, I had a painful sitdown with Aaron Boxer and some of the crew in which we rearranged and slashed and generally (it seemed in my insomniac brain) wasted my recent efforts at unifying things. Ordinarily I’d be capable of accepting that it was partly my fault for not keeping everyone in the loop, but on this occasion I really should have just stayed in bed. I was having an Eric moment and would gladly have chewed my own leg off to escape. It goes without saying I was bitchy. Then when it was over, I went back to the suite and collapsed for seven hours and generally felt like crap.

Today by contrast, I walk into the meeting and everything’s coming up roses. Laura has a sweet ass physical model of MindScout ready for us to play with and take the photographs we need; the presentation has been stitched up in a way that’s much more to my liking, the paper is well on its way to being written, we’re planning a sit-down for Tuesday with the VP and CEO of Vigorous Mind, and Kristen’s pulled some crazy voodoo on the code so that voice recognition works about five times better (for .NET developers: evidently there’s something really fucked up with System.Management.ManagementEventWatcher? Its message loop was burning 99% of our clock cycles at idle). About the only bad thing to come out of all this is that I’m gonna have to rewrite all the places in our reports where it says we never got Dragon to work right :-)

An actual assignment for drawing class.

Posted by daniel.j.gallagher on April 24, 2007
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I am totally not making this up. A self-portrait with a face wrapping, that’s what she asked for.


<3 Szechuan leftovers. <3 capsicum.

Posted by daniel.j.gallagher on April 24, 2007
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My tongue is sparking and my nostrils are snorting flames, but I sure are happy.

Yeah, I Still Draw Things

Posted by daniel.j.gallagher on April 13, 2007
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Pandanus tree

To prove it, here’s my current assignment for class, a drawing of a screw tree and rubber tree from the Wellesley botanical gardens. I’ve been scanning in my sketches (or as in this case taking photos when the scanner won’t suffice) in preparation for the final project, which will utilize Google Maps of all things.