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DJ: 1, Mother Nature: 0

Posted by daniel.j.gallagher on June 24, 2008
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I’m feeling a little undeservedly giddy. Had me quite the exciting afternoon.

After a few hours spent flitting about cleaning house, checking emails and soforth, I decided to take the rest of the afternoon to get my 5-string fixed. I’ve been having some weird problems with the connection in recent times, and mid-afternoon seems to be the one time local shops are reliably open for business. I wound up being redirected to another local shop in Porter Square, where I was able to get a new jack soldered in. It’s a good feeling knowing you’ve instantly restored functionality to a bricked piece of equipment, especially at such a good price :-)

But wait! There’s more. The getting lost on my way to Cambridge, and jovial banter about the 60′s with the white-bearded guitar technician, were apparently not enough adventure to complete my day. So almost immediately when I pulled out onto Mass ave the sky went dark and it started to rain, for realz this time. Mean-looking clouds, lightning, hail, wind, the works. For some reason, my immediate reaction to this was to revel in the severe weather (“I’m only happy when it rains”?), at least until it started to cut into visibility and I had to pay closer attention to the road.

After that it was all action-movie feely. Cambridge and Somerville are pancake-flat and near the river, so 16 and below had a lot of flash-flooding (glad I got out when I did). Our house in West Medford is on a hill, so it’s plenty safe, but to reach there I still had to pass through some flooded streets in the downtown area. I think probably the most I hit was about 2 inches (I wouldn’t rate the Prizm for much more than that) but damn did I ever see places with more then that. Hope everyone’s making it back from work okay.

P.S. For anybody else out there who has come into possession of an “active” bass or guitar without the 5-week training course, here’s an important FYI. Do not leave your instrument jacked in on the rack. Doing so closes the active circuit loop, effectively leaving the guitar switched “on” and drawing extra power from the batteries, which would otherwise last much, much longer. A short in the active circuit panel can also have this effect.

Snicker snicker

Posted by daniel.j.gallagher on June 23, 2008
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Cat and Girl amuses me terribly.

That is all.

I Miss So Much.

Posted by daniel.j.gallagher on June 11, 2008
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I’ve been so preoccupied with the adjustment to life here that I forgot what was going to happen last week. And happen it did–we have ourselves a (presumptive) Democratic presidential candidate. Woo!

I know some of you out there aren’t entirely happy about the party’s choice. I hope it’s some consolation that we really could have gone the other way. This has been a primary season in which nothing was impossible; the white Anglo male was the first to go, and from that point on we were in uncharted territory. Clinton showed her versatility and her broad appeal with the common folk, taking the swing-state primaries; and Obama demonstrated the kind of organization we’ll need to win, by tapping the netroots and taking caucus after caucus. In the end it comes down to the way the primary system is tuned–the balance between popular support, party ratification and strength of message. Obama won fairly on the basis of that system, and that’s how we do. I certainly hope even the most fair-weather-Democratic of you Clinton fans can find something to like in Barack, whether it’s his integrity or his haircut. Really, he’s a nice fellow.

And scuttling the ship will not advance feminism or any other of Senator Clinton’s causes.

As for Michigan and Florida, I’m tickled to observe that we can now seat their delegates, if we so choose. Punishment has been effectively administered, inasmuch as we neglected them from the perceived total when they might have given extra momentum to Senator Clinton. So that’s cute.

Anyway, it promises to be a fun race. On the one hand we have an outlet for progressive populism, not lacking in shortcomings but nevertheless awesome; on the other, we have the historically centrist McCain, who I really think might be a good guy deep down, busily giving the Internet reasons to dislike him. He can win, but only if the Republicans manage to keep up the impression that our military adventures are all that matters. I know people who will vote for him on those grounds, and I think I understand their case; but I doubt the majority of informed Americans are going to see it that way this time around. What they’ll see is a big fat hemorrhage, and the question: band-aid? or no band-aid? And while they’re at it, maybe they can keep in mind that only one president promises not to spy on them while they sleep.