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Posted by daniel.j.gallagher on September 27, 2008
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Tis the season / defining-moment-in-our-history for biting satire, I guess. Sinfest has a whole series, first with Palin and the lipstick comment and now the economy.


Posted by daniel.j.gallagher on September 09, 2008
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Firstly, congrats to Matty B. on his awesome new gig (see The Link, September 5th issue).

Now to the title of this post. We’ve decided on a name for the house. I don’t remember if we ever officially got Kait’s vote on that, but I think it’ll stick. There’s an interesting bit of trivia behind it: Amelia Earhart used to live right up the street from us. Hence, Aviator.

Updates.. mrg. I’ve been a bit more scattered than usual recently. But at least the house is coming together–I’m inordinately excited to have my own washer/dryer. This week I plan to fix my car, finish changing over my health insurance, do some cooking by myself, and continue the lunchtime workouts (we’re doing shovelglove at the office).

Stay tuned for the next get-together, as I promised folks we’d be having one once the power came back on, which it has been for a while now.