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Another Week Hiatus And Then… ?

Posted by daniel.j.gallagher on December 05, 2010
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I’m giving myself all of 15 minutes to get this out; wanted to shout from another location that I’ll be out of contact for most of the next week, and why.

As I stated last month the CML treatment continues to go well. But I am not the only cancer survivor in the family; mom was a survivor before I was even born. There’s no known hereditary risk factor linking what I have and what she had–emphasis on known risk factor–but there are risk factors for cancer generally, and our family seems to get more than its share.

My mother, one of the strongest human beings I know, was treated for cancer in the 1980′s, the Dark Ages of radiotherapy. This means no shortage of medical “fun” for her. Sadly, most recently she has been diagnosed with cancer again. It’s an entirely different sort of cancer, one that took some of the best doctors in the northeast two weeks and repeated scans to puzzle out. They still don’t have a confident prognosis and they won’t until they’ve seen her response to initial treatment.

Mom has been trying to prepare us for this sort of possibility for years, but Kate and I still lost our heads for a few days when it actually happened.

Then we huddled together and started organizing. We made extra family time in November and mom and dad looked into a week-long cruise in December, to let us recharge our batteries before the real fight begins. I celebrated Hanukkah with my sweetie and arranged the necessary time off. Tonight I’m in Albany; tomorrow we’ll be in Ft. Lauderdale.

Dang, I’m over my time limit.

Anyway, well be incommunicado for most of the next week; the only Internet access will be by our phones while standing on Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. I promise there will be good photos.

This is a time not for condolences, but for good thoughts and best wishes. Mom says she’s happy to have lived as long as she has, but she has no intention of stopping now. First we are going to celebrate and then we are going to fight like hell.

DJ out.

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