Massive Irony

Posted by daniel.j.gallagher on April 13, 2009

Internet time moves too fast, dammit.

This was supposed to be a nice angry rant and it’s degenerating into groans of vexation. Not two eyeblinks ago I got wind of this thing being called #amazonfail. Everyone from Violet Blue (NSFW, sex industry blog) to Slashdot and the blogosphere is yelling about Amazon giving adult-themed, non-pornographic books the banhammer. It was like some kind of weird Happy Easter prank courtesy Undead Jesus.

What as so face-palm-worthy about it was that they apparently de-listed the author of Brokeback Mountain, but you could still get at the pleasure aids, which they continue to sell.

I checked for myself, and the problem seems to be gone, the searches work now. Unfortunately, when companies think they can get away with this shit and then it falls flat on its face, and they say it was just a mistake, you can’t always distinguish that from legitimate computer error. Who knows what really happened here? Nor is their any potential for recourse either way. Dickery is not a criminal offense.

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